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GTwifi provides a way for wireless devices to login to LAWN automatically, without having to type GT accounts and passwords into a web browser. This is a must for mobile device users who want fast access to the network. GTwifi provides users with better security between their wireless clients and the wireless access point with which they are associated. All Atlanta and Savannah locations have GTwifi enabled. GTother (which uses the WPA2-PSK protocol) will continue to be available for devices that are not WPA2 Enterprise capable, and for those who use the LAWN Device Login feature.

Click here for information on GTwifi.

GTother is a secondary method for connecting to LAWN and is reserved for the following cases:

Login below to display the WPA2-PSK key for GTother

LAWN WPA2-PSK Key for GTother
This service is provided to authorized clients only.
Unauthorized access to this service is prohibited.
Office of Information Technology
Source IP: